11 Simple Steps: To Writing, Designing, Self-Publishing & Marketing Your Very First Book

ATTENTION AUTHORS/WRITERS: Got mad skills, knowledge? Got ideas? Want to write a book but don't know where to start? You have found the right personal advisor to fire you up and keep you fired up until your book is a reality: Jaime Vendera. Don't wade through hundreds of subsidy publishing websites just to find out that those sites are there to make a quick buck on your dreams! Don't waste time reading complex 500-page book-writing manuals! Don't put that book off for another day! Let Jaime Vendera lead you step by step through the book publishing process. From brainstorming to seeing your book on bookstore shelves and in the hallowed electronic halls of Amazon.com. Start writing.dare your laptop to keep up! Jaime Vendera, internationally known vocal phenom, tells you exactly how to write, edit and market your self-published book, ebook or manual. His hard-won knowledge about the non-fiction market is invaluable to beginners. This book includes solid, meaningful advice-no filler. By building a team of professionals, you focus on the writing while your book has all the professional touches that grab readers' attention. After publication, you have all you need to publicize your book through a website and innovate, high powered marketing tactics. Being a professional doesn't have to mean shelling out thousands of dollars- Straight talking vocal coach and renaissance man Jaime Vendera shows you how in The 11 Secret Steps to Writing, Designing, Creating & Self-Publishing Your Very own 'How-To" Book, Ebook or Manual.

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